Brother TN450 Toner & Printer Reset Instructions

Brother TN450/420 Toner Manual Reset
For NEW Toners Only In DCP/MFC(Multifunction)Machines

1. Open the front door.
2. Message reads “Front Cover Open”
3. Press the Clear Button.
4. Message should read “Replace Drum?”
5. Do NOT respond to this. Instead press the *00 on your keypad.
6. Your new toner should be reset and ready to print.
Note: These instructions are only to be used for NEW toners only.

Brother TN450/420 Manual Reset For Laser Printer Machines

1. Turn off the power. Open the front door.
2. While holding the GO button, power the machine back on.
3. Continue to hold the GO button until you confirm the toner, drum & error LED lights are on and Ready LED is off.
4. The ready LED will turn off, release the GO button.
5. After all the LED lights turn off, press the GO button twice. The toner,
drum & error LEDs will turn on.
6. Press the GO button 7 times. All the LEDs will turn off &
then the Error LED will start flashing.
7. When the LED lights start flashing, close the front door.
The error LED light will turn off.
8. Your printer should be reset and ready to print.