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Printer Maintenance

Save money by having your laser printers maintained properly. Laser Printers that are maintained properly last longer which saves money. There are several main parts that need to be replaced periodically usually found in whats called a “maintenance kit”, transfer roller, fuser and some paper guides.

Technology has provided the world with tools to help ease work and living. One great example of such tool is the laser printer. This device significantly boosts mass productivity for any working environment. Volume printing is rather easy and affordable with such device. However, like any other equipment that is frequently used, it needs proper and regular maintenance. These golden rules should be followed for a successful laser printer maintenance practice.

Common mistakes happen during the process of laser printer maintenance. Information as to how to fix some underlying problems is widely available on the internet. People opt for trying to solve the problem themselves and don’t consider the damages they may cause. Users, especially lacking the experience in troubleshooting, should always opt to call a CARRCO, we will provide solutions.

Printer Maintenance

Business Solutions with CARRCO

People Buy from People They Trust

At CARRCO Imaging Products we are committed to all our customers and stand firm on our founding principles,
excellence, integrity and honesty, always going above and beyond in both “product and customer service”.
Established in 1996, CARRCO was founded by Adam and Bob Carr Sr. They saw an advertisement in the WSJ saying,
“make a good return on your money by remanufacturing toner cartridges”. Still in the arm waiving stage of what type of
business they wanted to build, they decided to take a leap and get trained in the toner business and give it a go, and the
rest is history!

Adams’ background was in Technology Sales and Distribution and Bob Sr.’s background was in Real Estate and Banking,
together they made a dynamic team. Twenty-two years later and amassing five thousand plus customers, CARRCO is still
going strong! Over the years CARRCO has built a formidable Sales Team, its top producer being with the company for 19
years. At CARRCO pride is displayed in our excellent unequaled customer service, always going above and beyond to
service customer needs.

unsurpassed quality

At CARRCO Imaging Products we strive to provide unsurpassed product quality and customer service in the re-manufacturing of printer cartridges, for distribution, sale and service throughout the USA. We also specialize in the sale of office machinery and supplies.

Customer Service

Our primary focus is on a supplying superior quality product, backed by unparalleled customer service to our ever- growing loyal customer base.

Guaranteed Quality

Each of our products undergoes rigorous quality control and testing prior to shipment and comes backed with our guaranteed


Carrco has been servicing our needs for more than a decade with exceptional service and products. Adam, the owner, checks in on us often to see if we need anything as well as checking to see how his products are working. I would recommend Carrco to anyone who wants to save money on their print expense and equipment purchases from a professional staff who cares about customer service.
Todd M.
Carrco has exceptional customer service combined with high quality products and great pricing. We've been dealing with Carrco at all of our companies for over 10 years and I wouldn't go elsewhere.
Brad B.
I've been dealing with this company for several years now, it's a great family owned business that values it's customers. It has been a pleasure dealing with Adam Carr. I'd highly recommend Carrco.
Rob B.

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