5L ULV Cold Fogger


5L ULV Cold Fogger

Disinfectant, Sterilization, Air Purification


5L ULV Cold Fogger

Disinfection, Air Purification and Anti virus.

Elimination equipment for Corona Virus Disease.

Strong Penetration, fast spread; With adjustable and uniform droplets, the fogger is applied for both space spray and residual spray.

The solution pipe and air pipe are anti corrosion; the fogger head is anti-cracking, shockproof,  and constant temperature.

Disinfection, sterilization, pest control, air purification, anti-virus, disease prevention, epidemic prevention for hospital, school,

hotel, household, warehouse, factory etc..

Handles both oil-and water-base chemical solutions.





Additional information

5L ULV Cold Fogger

Tank Capacity: 5L, Effective Range: 3-8m, Atomization Volume: 650ml/min, Power: 1000w, Chemical: Handles both oil-and water-base Chemical solutions, Dimension(MM): 560x240x320, N./G Weight (KG): 2.61/3.78kg, Optional: 24VDC Battery Supply


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