Brother Drum Reset Instructions

DR350 & DR360, DR510, DR620 & DR520 All in One (MFC) and Fax machines

1. Open the front cover.
2. Press the Options button or the Clear back/button whichever button the machine has. The display will show REPLACE DRUM 1. YES 2.NO
3. Press the 1 (YES) to reset the drum count.
4. Close the front cover. Drum is now reset.

DR350, DR360, DR510, DR620 & DR520 PRINTERS ONLY

1. Open the front cover of the printer.
2. With the front cover open turn on the printer. (Make sure drum and toner have been installed into machines.)
3. Press and hold the GO or Start buttons until all the Lights light up. Once all 4 LEDS are lit, release the GO or Start button.
4. Close the front cover and the Drum should now be reset.


1. Open front cover.
2. Press clear.
3. To confirm you are installing a new drum, press 1.
4. When the LCD shows accepted, close the front cover.
5. Your drum is now reset.


1.Press and hold the go button for about 5 seconds.
2.Once all the LED lights light up, then release the go button.
3.Close the front cover of your machine.
4. Your drum is now reset.