What is 5% Coverage?

Have you ever been printing and thought, “I just put this toner in, there is no way I am out of toner already. My toner says it prints 6 thousand pages?”

Every toner cartridge has a yield; this means this the amount of pages your toner will print up to. One of the important aspects to think of when choosing a printer or buying a replacement cartridge, is how much ink or toner that cartridge actually contains. Amount of ink or toner in cartridge is usually called cartridge yield or page yield.

When you turn to see what the yield of a cartridge is, you will see a number of pages the cartridge can print, right? Not exactly, printed pages differ from one another. One time you print a to-do list, next time it’s 10-page report.

For the purpose of cartridge yield measure, almost all printer manufacturers base their black ink/toner cartridge yields on 5% coverage. This means only 5% of the whole page is covered with ink or toner. 5% coverage implies basic type with no bold characters, no graphics and no pictures.

Now take the last two paragraphs above and place them on a Letter-sized sheet of paper. Congratulations! You have created a sample 5% coverage page.

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